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Bed and Floor Alarm Sense
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he new CareIP™ VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) medical alarm dialer manufactured by CareTech.

CarePhones are simple and easy to install in fact just plug in the phone line and you are online. No power point required.

CareTech - Nurse Call Equipment Supplier

aged care nurse call systems

CareTech has designed and manufactured advanced nurse call and medical home alarm products for the past 35 years.

Since 1975 CareTech has been helping people globally make their life more independent with "just one simple call".

CareTech Australia and its local dealers around the country will provide the security, confidence and peace of mind that you would expect in our medical alarm units and personalised service. You can obtain assistance anytime from friends and family or our - 24 hours / 365 day Care Centres by just pressing your alarm pendant.

We have a range of nurse call systems that use the latest in VoIP technology.  From home to hospital, we can provide health monitoring solutions tailored to your needs.

CareTech "call for care"


CareTech wins award for its intelligent Fall sensor!

Falls are a major health issue with older people. The incidence of physical injury resulting from falls on people over 65 is very high. CareTech have been aware of the need for a reliable fall sensor to complement our range of telecare devices for a long time and this latest development provides the solution.

The Embedded Awards is an award for the best three newly developed intelligent embedded systems presented at the Technical Fair in Stockholm.


CareTech Fall Sensor

The Micro / Nano-category was won by Care Tech, with the innovative Sensor Band II. After several years of research in collaboration with the Universities of Oulu (Finland) and Luleå (Sweden) we have now been able to combine our Care Phones with a compact, reliable fall sensor.

The fall sensor allows the CarePhone to automatically alert carers or a response centre after a fall has occurred to ensure that the person can get help immediately.  The major challenges have been to develop an appropriate sensor that accurately detects the event, without sending false alarms.  In addition, the sensor must be extremely power efficient at the same time being small and easy to wear.  The CareTech solution is unique in that the technology employed allows the user to wear it in bed if necessary.

The demand for this type of sensor is recognised and increasing in many countries. CareTech Australia looks forward to launching this product in the Australian market shortly after it's 2011 release in Europe.


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CareTech Community Support

LAS projects often see us working with great people providing care to those who need it most.  It is our privilege to support Youngcare as our chosen charity.  To find out how you can help too, visit the Youngcare website.

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Customer service is a major part of the Personal alarm market.Finding a good reliable care monitoring centre for all your medical emergency needs is important. We believe that the below care centres and alarm monitoring centres meet all our standards and they represent not just a call centre but a true care centre for you family and loved ones 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

CareTech "Call for Care"