CareTech - Nurse Call Systems Alarm Manufacturer

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About: CareTech


CareTech’s Vision: CareTech is a Medical alarm design and manufacturing company originating in Sweden.

We have been designing, producing and providing Nurse Call Systems and our Emergency medical alarm phone globally for more than 32 years. Numbered among our clients are the Police forces and Fire departments operating the largest alarm monitoring centres in Europe.

CareTech has a presence in all states in Australia, as well as Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Norway, New Zealand, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy and The United Kingdom.

How Can CareTech help you?

There are many different types of needs. The traditional use for the CareTech CarePhone system is to assist aged seniors to maintain their independence in their own home without their friends and relatives worrying about them. With this concept in mind CareTech has been going about searching for more ways to provide a strong secure feeling in the home whilst alone.

CareTech's products assist seniors and the handicapped community differently. Our products suit people living alone, disabled individuals who live independently, occupational health & safety applications, independent living villages, nursing homes and children where parents may work extended hours.


 CareTech also prides itself, being able to modify its equipment for clients special needs.


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