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Personal Alarms

Full Featured Personal Alarms

CareTech has been developing Personal Alarm phones for over 27 years and we feel confident that we can say we understand medical phone alarms well. Very well in fact. We develop our products and solutions in collaboration with our customers. This is why CareTech medical alarm phones and wireless pendants are so easy to install and use.

CareTech latest medical alarm pendant and phone dialer range in the Australian has been released in two new models Gina and Gloria, each medical alarm dialer has independent special features and the entire CareTech medical alarm range has taken a major stride in the direction of state of the art technology for optimum operational safety.  This unit is now approved under the SA Governments Personal Alert Rebate Scheme.

Meeting Current Standards by providing true dual telemetry.

The CareIP medial alarm device CareIP mobile is a true dual telemetry medial alarm device. CareIP mobile can deliver a SIP call over the Internet using current ADSL connections or any NBN device without the needs of a POTS connections. The CareIP mobile has a GSM modem that will deliver the call should at any time the internet connection not be available. The CareIP mobile has a back-battery that will last 40 hours as per the AS4607 standard. CareIP mobile uses radio frequency 433Mhz and 434Mhz again meeting Australia Standard AS4607.

CareIP™ is a digital Medical Alarm dialer unit which meets both the needs of now and the demands of the future.

The product is developed to offer the user a high quality voice-to-voice connection in the event of an alarm. CareIP™ utilizes a standardized protocol (SIP). SIP is a world standard protocol used to establish speech and possible video uplink via a broadband connection. In the event of loss of broadband connection, the CareIP™ has an inbuilt optional GSM modem for both voice and data transfer. The GSM option can also be used as the primary communications medium.

In addition to the alarm calls, CareIP™ provides a platform for sending detailed information concerning the unit itself, medical information and online status. Accessories are connected through standard approved wireless radio technology or any of the auxiliary inputs/outputs available.




Learn about CareIP Digital Alarm Phone

Gina - No 240 Volt Power required

Erik -  Personal Alarm Pendant

Read about the SIP Protocol

Gloria - Multiple Inputs & Outputs

Elvis - Tracking Pendant

Read about the Advantages of Digital

Elliot - Two way communication

careipgina gloriaerik elviselliot
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CareTech also offers a full range of accessories click here for more information

Why Choose our Medical Alarm Dialer ?

Gina requires no 240 volt power because it provides very low power consumption and it is possible to run for up to three years on normal AA batteries.  It is approved under the South Australian Government Personal Alert Rebate Scheme.

The CarePhone range has functions like built in time clocks to make certain test alarms are performed in timely intervals. Each "Medical Alarm phone" in the CareTech range carries an internal memory logging the last 32 events.

Why Choose our Wireless Pendants

CareTech Pendants are designed and can be personalized providing the wearer maximum comfort.

The Pendant can be worn as a Necklace, Watch or on a Belt. All these accessories are supplied and within minutes the wearer has something comfortable for themselves.

CareTech designs and builds their pendants to be fully waterproof. You can quickly change the battery without having to send the unit away ensuring that your safety system is with you always.

CareTech has also designed a special clip on accessory for arthritis patients, making pushing the alarm pendant a simple function.

Certainly none of the existing medical alarm phone and dialer features have been excluded:

Bidirectional Voice
Automatic Battery Alarm
6 Different Alarm Receivers
9 Different Radio Alarms
Hard Wired Inputs and Outputs
Complete Remote Administration


Our Medical Alarm Pendant has been innovatively redesigned to suit modern world applications with six different buttons signals


CareTech also offers a full range of accessories

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