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CareTech 5400 Corridor Display

The 5400 ensures the 5000 system has an ample communication medium. This is performed via the split level, dual colour, 16 character alpha numeric display. The 5400 works within the systems being used as a nurse call paging system, Fire alarm alerting system and also a staff presence system being able to quickly show which rooms are occupied by care workers.

Two colours for priority status 
Adjustable tones for different times
Split Level single or double sided

The Red or Green characters of the 5400 display make it easy to identify the status of a staff member from a presence request or the Red call for an emergency. The 5400 Corridor display will also provide tone notification on each one of its alarms or alerts.

These tones can be programmed to different volumes and then when required, all the tones can be programmed to have a different volume depending on the time or shift. This means that residents who have a corridor display in the vicinity of their room are not disturbed at night or during afternoon rest times.

The 5400 Corridor display when not showing Nurse call Alarms or Fire Alarms is set to display the time and date providing residents and staff members with a useful service while not in operation.

Technical Data: Features:

Power  Supply 
Power Consumption
Mounting Angle
Character Size
Data Bus
Alarm Types

9 - 25 VDC
850 MA @ 9 VDC or 1amp @ 24 VDC (Aust)
2 lines of text, Red and Green 2 X 60 X 7 pixels
5 X 7 pixels ( 22 X 32 mm)
308 X 124 X 41 mm
RS 485, RS 232, (bit rate 9600 - 56700 bps
26 of which 5 are adjustable

corridor display

Dual Color Display
Central Date and Time Feature
OutPut for Nurse Call and Fire Alarms
Volume controlled by shift time
Does not require 240 volt to display alarms
Multiple areas send alarms to central display at night 

If you would like to request a Technical Manual for this product, please use our contact page.

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