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Dementia monitor

Today wandering is a common problem in people with dementia. The CareTech dementia monitor is designed and built to work alone or plug into the CareTech 5000 system. Alerting staff that the patient has potentially taken themselves out of their environment andinto a situation.

The CareTech dementia monitor eliminates much of the stress-and much of the heavy expense of minute by minute close observation of Alzheimer's victims and those with special needs. Because it allows those under supervision a greater degree of freedom, it fosters inde-pendence and self-sufficiency.

Families, Aged Care facilities, and institutions who offer this level of care will notice that CareTech dementia monitor improves the quality of life forthose they are responsible for while allowing for a more normal care environment.

Simply Connect the dementia Monitor up to almost any device from PIR movement detectors, pressure sensors, Door REED switiches and may others; then program in the times that each deivce will be active e.g. from 10pm to 6am and how long to wait after each device have been tripped before sending the alarm.

In this way Staff will be alaerted if a resident moves ouside their room only after 10pm at night and stays out for a certain time.

The CareTech dementia monitor can be connected to the Gustav tracking beacon and the patient wears an alarm pendant, hidden inside the pendant is an RFID device which will automatically send a location at a preset time. Night shift with Dementia Patients can be made easier with a Gustav at the end of each corridor as soona s a patient comes within a certain distance a text message is sent via the nurse call system to the night staff, they can immediately start to find the patient and return them totheir room. Being wall mounted will allow Aged Care staff easy access to access the device.

Its features included:-

Compact size
Security Activate code
Integration into Nurse Call Day and Night functions
3 diffrent Shifts
5 Hardwired inputs
2 Hardwired outputs
All outputs have real-time clock adjustable control

Dementia Monitor

Plug-in Accessories:

Elvis RFID pendant
Gustav RFID tracking beacon
Door Alarm
Real Time clock control
Curtin PIR movement sensor
Bathroom PIR timer
Floor Mat
Bed Mat
Chair Mat

dementia monitor


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