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Dementia PIR -Nemo

Nemo is CareTech's Latest Product 

Freestanding motion detector for bed alarm applications. Normally positioned on the floor lengthwise to the bed, to detect and transmit a signal if the person leaves or falls out of the bed.

Inactivity monitoring in conjunction with carephone or alarm system passive alarm function. Positioned so that it is activated at least once a day, e.g. in the kitchen. Carephone or alarm system transmits an alarm if this does not happen within the programmed time interval.

Presence monitoring. Can be used e.g. to automatically reset a special door alarm, whereby the door can be opened and, if the resident comes back indoors within a set time, Nemo resets the alarm.

Applications which involve controlling another product, system or function, e.g. automatically locking or unlocking a door. This can be combined with a radio message to CareTech’s carephones or 5000 NurseCall Systems to announce that e.g. the door has been opened.

Applications where a movement should activate any alarm type to CareTech’s CarePhones or 5000 Nurse Call System.

 Other applications where a movement controls another product, system or function via Nemo’s potential-free, alternating relay output.

 Additional features: 

  • Low power consumption. Can be powered with batteries, or via an external power source (9-30 VDC).
  • Can be controlled by real-time clock so that, for example, it is only active at night.
  • Can be temporarily disconnected using CareTech transmitter/alarm trigger. This can be used, for example, by staff that temporarily needs to be in the area being monitored.
  • Automatic battery monitoring.
  • Integrated reset button

Nemo’s folding stand can be angled in five different positions, 0-90o, according to the application and positioning required. See “Detection” and “Application examples”.

Nemo PositionsNemo PIR

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