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CareTech Omni board: provides the 5000 nurse call system with remote administration, monitoring and maintenance over the full nurse call system including the ability to look at each room bedhead panel. This is performed via the aged care centre’s computer network and ADSL connection.  The Omni connects straight onto the ethernet network and can have a static IP address or pick one up with DHCP. The Omni then takes over from the 950i as the nurse call systems head unit and will perform multiple tasks within the system. 


User Friendly Interface
Full Access via
Ethernet Port Connection

The Omni board’s prime role is that of a Remote interface to your local dealer in which they can perform tasks such as: Full nursecall system audits, Remote fault finding, Equipment tests all without the need for a technician to be onsite. This will greatly reduce costs for Nurse call system maintenance and alleviate the need for return trips as the technician can log into the Omni and see what equipment could be faulty then bring those exact parts to site.

CareTech currently works with its dealers to provide a premium service where, if the local dealer cannot find a solution to the problem, staff will log this problem (online) with CareTech and then the software engineers will remotely log onto the clients system anywhere in Australia.  If necessary,  the design engineers can then log onto your system from Sweden providing you, the customer with direct contact with the people who built the equipment.

Technical Data:

Power  Supply
Power Consumption
Article Number

9 - 24 VDC
500 MA Max
RS 485 / Ethernet 10 Mbit
4 x relay 1A /30 VDC / 1 x transistor 12 VDC
12 X non isloated inputs
215 X 145 X 40 mm
CE (europe) N10321 (Australia) ROHS
1 - 830000


Functions with Local PC, LAN or via an ADSL connection
Freely programable text for the nurse call system
Functions with Local PC, LAN or via an ADSL connection
Handles up to 500 wireless transmitter and sensors
50 independent sections can be handled
10 Mbit ethernet port with DHCP for auto configuration
Isolated RS232 port for safe connection to computer
Built-in Real Time clock with back-up batteries
4 X Programable relay outputs
1 X Programable transistor output
12 X Programable digital input (2 X isolated)

 If you would like to request a Technical Manual for the Omni, please use our contact page.

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