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CareTech 5050 Bed Head Panel

Provides the 5000 system with the ideal medical alarm call point. The 5050 comes in four different configurations - Speech with Radio Receiver;   Speech without Radio Receiver;   Non Speech with Radio Receiver and Non Speech without a Radio Receiver.  Our clients choose the mix of configurations to suit their needs. All 5050 come with Australian standards button colour configuration for both Hospitals and Nursing Homes.

Non Speech                                                                           Full Speech



Non Speech with or without radio
Full Speech  with radio

The 5050 is very unique and the only LCD display currently marketed that allows your nursing staff to provide a service and still remain in contact with all the other callers in the facility without carrying a pager or DECT mobile phone.  Complete mobility for all working staff without the extra infrastructure cost. The simple push of a button when staff enter the room will allow them to receiver via the LCD display all the other room alarms. Then by pressing the assistance button they have just raised the priority to Emergency if they themselves require urgent assistance. Then, as they finish the service in that room simply push the button again to clear down their presence.

Technical Data: Features:

Power  Supply
Power Consumption 
Voice Communication
Pendant Connection
Article Numbers

12 - 18 VDC
10 - 160 MA Max
505B Voice activated duplex
1 x transistor max 300 MA
3 X programmable
90 X 180 X 33 mm
2 X 16 Alphanumeric
RJ45 or 6.5 stereo plug
CE (Europe) N10321 (Australia) ROHS
1-5050A0 (without Speech), 1-5050A1

room panel

Easy to install can be programmed locally or via Internet with Omni
Interactive radio receiver in each room gives radio coverage throughout building
Speech directly into the Dect phone system Carers handle calls instantly
Intelligent programming and each display has a unique ID address
3 x Inputs 1 X output used to control accessories e.g. Door open/close
Door Alarm set time function with Staff Bypass
Filters can display own floor alarms during the Day and building alarms at Night
Pear Push Pendant plugs straight in 5050 unit
Hardwire Bathroom call points and pull cords directly into the 5050

If you would like to request a Technical Manual for this product, please use our contact page.

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