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Gustav - Wandering Patient Alarms

Gustav is a RFID (Wandering Patient Alarm) beacon, sending a specific Location-ID a small area near the Gustav's location. The coverage area is very distinct making it possible to distinguish between different beacons. Different spots inside the building can therefore have a Location-ID assigned to it, and passing by the Gustav with a Radio Pendant like the CareTech Elvis equipped with RFID logic can pick up the locations and forward them to the Nurse Call System either immediatley or only when the resident requires assistance. 

The Gustav RFID Beacon can work in two different modes:

MODE 1) Position indication – A series of Gustav units are placed at different locations inside a building. Each with unique location-ID (001-899), transferring it to the surroundings with a coverage area that is not overlapping any others. Elvis is passing through the building and receives the positions from Gustav. It is now up to the Pendant (Elvis) to forward the information to the system and this will be done when an alarm is triggered by the user. Giving the personnel the location of the last spot that the resident has passed.


MODE 2) Passage detection – Gustav is mounted in a passage (normally over a door way). The location-ID of Gustav is set between 900 and 999 which indicates a non allowed passage or location. Gustav can be set to send the position constantly or only the first time it is activated. When Elvis receives the position is it up to the pendant then forwards the information to the Nurse Call System or the Medical Alarm dialer (CarePhone).


Elvis Wandering Resident Pendant
Technical Data: Gustav’s features: 

Current consumption
Coverage area
Data Bus
RFID Frequency

10.5 -27 volts DC
120mA max
3.5m depending on the environment
CPC 5000

rfid beacon

2 programmable inputs for activation of RFID-beacon.
1 programmable magnetic switch for activation of RFID-beacon.
1 programmable switch for temporary deactivation.
RS-485 interface for programming
Range up to 3.5m
Wide power supply voltage range, 10.5 – 27 VDC.

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