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9600 Gateway Medical Alarm Receiver

The CareTech 9600 Gateway has been designed specifically to meet the Global changes that areoccurring as the analogue telephone networks, (used to support Medical Alarm Dialers), arebeing updated by digital technology. This change heralds the dawn of a new age for telephony-based care and monitoring products.

CareTech has been developing care systems for over 30 years meeting this challenge head on.

The 9600 Gateway has been designed to support call centres durning their transition fromananlogue to digital. The Call Centre can then receive digtital alarms from the  CareIP™ units and convert them back into analogue signals for the existing receiver and CRM database.The 9600 Receiver has been developed to provide the monitoring centre with the optionto monitor many diffrent alarm protocols which currently include CareTech CPC, Tunstall and Ademco (other protocols can be added as required).

The  9600 is the gateway to the services of the future, Today!

9600 Network Layout

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STEP by STEP analogue function: 

  1. The user raises an alarm from the analogue CarePhone
  2. The CarePhone calls the Receiver 9600 at T1 through the Public switched telephone network and eventually local PBX at the CMF site.
  3. The 9600 translates the analogue protocol, ex. CareTech CPC to a digital CIP protocol and forward it on an IP-network (normally LAN).
  4. The server receives the alarm and sends a “kiss off” message to the 9600 Receiver
  5. The 9600 Receiver then forwards the “kiss off” through the PSTN to the CarePhone.
  6. The operator receives the alarm throught ADSW by NT software or any CRM database package the monitoring centre provides.
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