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Dect Phones

The cost effective add-on Polycom Dect cordless system combining voice communication and text messaging to the CareTech 5000 Nurse Call system.

All Polycom Dect wireless solutions are modular, add-on voice communication solutions. They are GAP compliable systems, based on the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) technology, and are directly compatible with the CareTech 5000 Nursecall system and with most existing and future (IP) PABXs.


Now with new Silicon Cover

For all DECT phones, a protective cover is now available for improved style and grip.

Why Choose DECT?

Designed specifically to carry wireless voice, DECT is currently the technology most capable of meeting the very high expectations of users who are serious about their onsite communications.

DECT Benefits:

  • Mobility for all your nursing staff
  • Consistently high level of voice quality
  • Multi-cellular structure with seamless handover
  • Dedicated radio frequencies
  • Standardisation
  • Security

Intergrate CareTech 5000 Nurse Call Alarm System to the Polycom 500 System:

Connecting NurseCall to the Polycom Dect System 500 is a wireless telephone system for enterprises and organisations with up to eight wireless users. The Polycom System 1500 is a wireless telephone system for medium to large enterprises and organisations, with a choice of analogue, ISDN or IP interface. The Polycom System 1500 IP is for enterprises and organisations, which have already decided for wireless IP telephony.

Integrate CareTech 5000 Nurse Call Alarm System to the Polycom 3000 System: 

Connecting NurseCall medical alarm systems to the Polycom Dect System 3000 has the flexibility to provide large numbers of wireless extensions to virtually any PABX with interface options including QSIG, ETSI ISDN and analogue. Being fully modular, it can grow in line with a hospital or aged care centre’s changing needs.

Capable of supporting in excess of 1,500 wireless handsets, the Polycom 3000 has sufficient capacity to meet the wireless needs of the largest site as diverse as public hospitals, aged care, ILU independent living units, dementia centres, correctional facilities and aged care office buildings. The range of Polycom DECT handsets includes models designed to withstand the harshest work environments with resistance to shock, water, dust and explosion these are all fully compatible with the CareTech NurseCall Alarm Systems.

Providing not only wireless voice communications, the Polycom Dect 3000 can interface to the majority of NurseCall systems and most messaging platforms enabling the delivery of text messages to the wireless handsets from applications. The CareTech 5000 Hospital alarm system and Aged Care Nurse call system, fire panels, process control systems and LAN messaging systems integrate easily with Polycom Dect.

Integrate CareTech 5000 Nurse Call Alarm System to the Polycom 1500 System:

Attaching directly to any phone system, the Polycom 1500 provides cordless extensions on medium to large Aged Care and nursecall sites. Supporting up to 128 cordless users ensures there is plenty of capacity. The system improves responsiveness and customer service, controls communication costs and increases mobility around the nurse call and aged care facility.

Providing not only voice telephony, the Polycom 1500 also supports text messaging to the handset, integrating with applications such as paging, Nursecall medical alarm systems, LAN messaging, duress call and alarm monitoring.

Our Nurse Call and Aged Care Polycom Dect Range:

Polycom offers a choice of DECT handsets, providing users with greater flexibility to tailor a solution to match their exact needs

Polycom 4080

The Polycom 4080 is targeted at potentially explosive work environments. Areas of application include, but are not restricted to, oil, gas and chemical production as well as dust-filled environments within the wood-processing, ingredients and food industries

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Polycom 4040

The Polycom 4040 handset is a robust, well designed and full feature handset. It meets demands for easy mobility and is built for long-term dependability in harsh environments. In order to meet industry standards, the Polycom 4040 is IP54 classified, which means that it is dust-protected and protected against splashing water.

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Polycom 2010

Polycom telecom products are well-known throughout the world for their simple, classic design - and the Polycom 2010 is no exception . The elegance of the classic design, the user-friendly keys and the well-lit display make using the Polycom 2010 a real pleasure.

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Polycom 4020

The Polycom 4020 handset is a robust, well designed and price competitive handset. It meets demands for free mobility and is built for long-term dependability in harsh environments.

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