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SensorBand II

Sensors for the detection of falls of the elderly people can be life savers!

Falling is an important public health problem among the elderly. Typically half of the falls of persons over the age of 65 cause an injury.  The SensorBand II project is a result of extensive research and development on sensor and IP based technologies that enable quick arrival of assistance and to allow new possibilities in stay-home care for the elderly.sensorband2

How it Works

The fall sensor allows the CarePhone to automatically alert carers or a response centre after a fall has occurred to ensure that the person can get help immediately. The major challenges have been to develop an appropriate sensor that accurately detects the event, without sending false alarms. In addition, the sensor must be extremely power efficient at the same time being small and easy to wear. The CareTech solution is unique in that the technology employed allows the user to wear it in bed if necessary.

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Information Brochure Complexities of Fall Detection
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