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CareTech offers the CareTech 5000 Hospital Nurse Call system and Paging System in conjunction with its CareLog and SiteMAP software; these products together provide a total solution for all types of hospitals.CareTech is the only system to have a display screen for alarm and alerts in each room incorporated in the patient bed head providing nursing staff with the luxury of being able to continue to provide patient care while knowing exactly what is happening in the whole hospital facility.

5000 Hospital System Design Layout

CareTech has increased its market edge by now offering a full patient and staff tracking system throughout the entire hospital facility.

By using the radio transmitters incorporated in the patient bed head, in combination with our new product Gustav, a RFID transmitter, it provides the possibility for both staff or patients to press their duress pendants. With this action the alarm is sent to the closest Gustav location and the data is then displayed on SiteMAP at defined nurses stations or security monitors. This also provides new or temporary staff with an instant view of the quickest route to a patient.

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Omni - Master Contoller and Remote Administration

CT-005 - Bedhead Room Controller Unit

5400 - Corridor Display

DMon - Dementia Monitoring Unit

EntsHS - Entertainment Handset

Dect - Mobile Dect Cordless Phones and Pagers

CT-007 Corridor Over Door LED

CareTech Accessories - Integration into your Hospital Nurse Call System

Hospital Nurse Call Monitor

CareTech feels its hospital accessories are second to none with floor, bed, seat and toilet seat sensors that all use wireless connections back to the Car Tech mBox unit that then identifies and connects to the wireless bed head unit in each room, which triggers the outside door LED  illumination and provide staff with an immediate room location.

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