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MBox Radio Transmitter


CareTech Mbox Radio Transmitter: is a versatile radio transmitter and receiver that can be used for a variety of different applications to increase flexibility and provide a complete alarm system you can depend on. mBox can, for example, be used to extend the coverage of radio alarm buttons to include outdoor areas and basement floors, or to connect an alarm to a toilet without having to run wiring to a central unit. mBox can easily be connected to both CareTech’s internal system and to CareTech’s various CarePhones and alarm transmitters. It can also be connected to existing alarm systems, providing a high degree of flexibility for individuals in care and for internal alarm systems as a whole.

At CareTech we develop our products and solutions in collaboration with customers and users. CareTech products and know-how offer users, care staff and relatives a reassuring complete solution that gives them extra peace of mind.  You can download the brochures for the mBox range by clicking the images on the right.

rfid beacon mboxreceiver

Technical Data:

Power Supply

9 12 VDC or 2 X 1.5 volt (AA batteries)

Power Consumption

20 uA Max in normal mode

Door Alarm


No. Radio outputs

up to 8 per output


2 opening and closing programmable


2 relay outputs 1 can be switched


110 X 70 25 mm

Data Bus

RS 485


CE (Europe) N10321 (Australia) ROHS

Article Numbers




Bus Connected Radio Receiver
Bus connected I/O module
Radio Repeater extends radio coverage for 5000 System or CarePhone
Door Alarm with bypass function for daytime operation

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