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Our service obligation after warranty



Our service obligation after warranty commits CareTech and all its Certified Dealers to offer a service level agreement (SLA) is designed to assist the Healthcare Industry (Aged Care providers and hospitals alike) to better maintain a facility’s costs and capital equipment maintenance.



System Check Performed

 System check – Nurse Call / DECT system /Duress System(depending on facility’s requirements and what is included in the contract)


  •  a full system check is performed upon signing of the contract
    (within 30 days)

  • Annual System Audit testing every device for system response times
  • Ongoing training of staff is available for the duration of the contract



Contract – General Terms and Conditions 


  • Min 1 year term – Max 2 year term

  • The advantage of signing a 2 year term is that the pricing is held for the term

  • The agreement can be re-priced on an as-needs-basis to accommodate an expansion of the system

  • Change of ownership – If the client company changes ownership, the agreement must be transferred to the new owner

  • Agreement is mutually exclusive – whereby CareTech are the only service provider maintenance agreement contractor for the specified products and service

  •  The facility is charged quarterly in advance

  • 30 day notice of intention to end contract at contract end – or automatic rollover can occur subject to pricing review


Value Add of SLA


  • The availability of quarterly training on equipment (1 hour) if required - intended to train new staff and/or refresh existing staff to minimise any operation issues
  • Loan stock may be supplied where available, free of charge
  • 24/7 Telephone support  service with no fee
    (For equipment covered by the SLA - limit of 10 call out fees per facility per year – onsite hourly rate above the beyond the 1st hour still applies)
  • Annual check of system battery back-up & changeover of unit at battery parts only if required


Benefits of SLA


  • Budget Planning Creates a better cash flow environment for the facilities by forward budgetary planning.  Annual spend on service, incidents and callout costs may be reduced through preventative actions.

  • Accreditation can be assisted via the proactive process that contributes to the Quality Assurance processes and documentation within the facility.

  • OH&S Compliance may also benefit through the proactive checks and proactive actions that arise.

  • Future Planning on capital works and upgrades is potentially enhanced

  • A Full Written Report on the system checked is provided after every check

  • Ongoing Training - assists in increasing productivity, better use of the equipment (for OHS purposes) and potentially reduced costs, risks and incidents.

  • Reduced down time - resulting in lower costs associated with down time and reduced risk of liability

  • Proactive system check - not only provides obvious benefits to the facility but also peace of mind to residents’ and their families.


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