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Training and Certification

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Immediately following cut over of the Nurse Call system,
CareTech or its certified Dealer will carry out Client training. 


 Nurse Call System operation, maintenance and troubleshooting techniques with the installation
  • The participants will be provided with user guides and other relevant materials;

  • The training will occur over multiple sessions over a two week period, each session lasting up to four (4) hours;

  • The timing of the training will always be coordinated with the client, however, practical completion should fall during the two week period;

  • A Certified CareTech trainer, with appropriate skills and experience will conduct the training;

  • The participants will be provided with user guides and other relevant materials;

  •  Acceptance of practical completion will have the following:

o    Certification of compliance with requirements of Statutory Authorities;

o    Testing and Commissioning finalised.  Signed off schedules to confirm that systems operate in a stable and automatic manner under all conditions of full / partial load - full commissioning data;

o    Certification that capacities and efficiencies of equipment and systems satisfy specified requirements;

o    Manufacturer’s certification of systems and installation; 

o    Authority approvals obtained as required and Witnessed, satisfactory completion of failure mode tests for critical systems;

o    Stable operating conditions of all systems; 

o    Approved operating instruction manuals and ‘as built’ drawings provided; 

o    Submission  of completely executed Inspection Test Plans including test results; 

o    Certification that works comply with the contract documents and are ready for granting of Practical Completion.

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