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CareTech with its Software arm CareTech Soft Solutions now is able to offer a full range of Nurse Call, Hospital, Aged Care, Call Centre, and Community Care software products, these software products are specifically designed to integrate with the CareTech hardware .

Software From TCP/IP Remote administration to Full Reporting & Logging with customized reports. please see the Hospital and Aged Care Software sections for a more detailed look at the Logging and reporting modules;

CareTech can connect its software to most devices below is only some of these:


INPUTS from:

  • Nurse Call systems (many diffrent models)

  • Fire Alarm Systems (many diffrent models)

  • Security Systems  

  • Fridge Alarms etc 

  • Programmable parser (Adaptable to most systems).

  • SIP from IP devices 

  • Scriptable parser (Adaptable to various applications).


  • Kirk DECT telephone systems. (KWS8000 or KIRK IP) 

  • POCSAG paging systems (SALCOM)

  • ESPA 4.4.4 paging systems (European standard) 

  • GSM Modem.(Nurse call alarms to mobile)

Below the 5600 Remote administration software shows a site ping with devices in Red not responding to the ping and devices in Green sending back a up and running ok response. The CareTech Nurse Call System allows for a full site Audit with the single push of a button. This checks every device in the facility and proves that all external devices in all rooms are fully operational.

5600 Screen

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