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I-Care Community Care Software

Nurse Route Scheduling for Home and Community Care

CareTech i-care software has been developed to directly assist all Nurse Care and Community Care services.

This can also be directly connected back in real-time via the CareTech CarePhone to provide the Community Care Company specific start and finish times of each carer and the exact service provided. This can then be exported to the accountimg software system.

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The 4 Easy Steps to Understanding how i-care works:

  1. i-care software starts by carrying a database or importing an existing database of all the age care clients with information like their personal details, address and GPS location, percentage of Government assistance, medical records, doctors, who is the main nurse or usual carer for the person, what services are provided for them also what time this occurs, if it is a recurring basis and what is that frequency.
  2. Then i-care carries a database of all the community carers with information about their locations GPS specific and specific qualification or service that they provide, hours they work and a return to office location if different form the starting office.
  3. i-care then runs its Planning tool for the Nurse Route Scheduling program which can be weighted by the following different requirements:
    • Distance - Geographic Location of client versus Geographic Location of Community Carer
    • Workload – The amount of visits one nurse can perform in their allotted working hours
    • Group Visits – If two or more carers are required and if a particular service is required before another
    • Main Nurse – The normal carer for that person
    • Spouse – If the person lives with a spouse that also requires the same Community Care Service
  4. The Schedule is then printed as each staff member knows exactly where they are required to be and at what time. This makes Nurse and Community Care planning a very quick and easy operation with the possibility to reschedule only minutes before the start of each working day.

i-care reports and login features:

  • Nurse Login- The nurse or Community Care person can login into the i-care application to review the past days route and adjust any actual time from those on the scheduled route. They can then authorize these past days to be sent to invoicing.
  • Site Manager Login – The Manager can login to i-care and check on each staff member they can also allocate a specific route to specific nurse depending on special skills and by location.

CarePhone Features:

The 4200AA CarePhone can be used to provide carer information directly into the Community Care Service Providers database. This information includes start time, end time service provided. All this information is as simple as the push of a button from the pendant that the care worker wears. This then initiates communication from the CarePhone back to the Community Care Service Providers database.

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