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LAS Reporting Solutions

Maintaining a Simple Reporting Regime is Paramount

Our reporting solutions allow for the supervision of processes and systems, thus providing you with a powerful management tool. The Health Industry demands certain data be collected and having the ability to produce this information is something that LAS makes easy.  Reports can be run on any data field that the SQL Data base holds. LAS has many standard reports as shown below.

Reports MenuTo print out any of the available reports click on “VIEW” and then click on “REPORTS”

Each report allows a number of criteria to be set

  • Last Month or last week total report. Be aware if it is a busy site it may take a considerable time to compile a report and run to many pages.

  • From and To allow the user to be more specific and set the start date and time and the end date and time required.

  • The user can be very specific and only print alarms between certain times of the day for specific days and certain ID numbers.

Alarm FrequencyALARM DURATION – This report gives you the date and time, the ID of the alarm, the type of alarm, the response time and the duration of the alarm.

ALARM FREQUENCY WEEK – This report graphs the number of alarms in total per day for a week

EXCESSIVE RESPONSE TIME – This report allow the user to set a time and then display all alarms that were responded to beyond that time (e.g. the alarm was active for 15 minutes before any staff attended to it.)

LIST OF ALARMS – This report lists all alarms from all ID numbers and the type of alarm and when it occurred.

LIST OF OPERATIONAL ALARMS – This report lists technical alarms associated with the equipment.

Time   to ResponseATTENDANCE – This report is not yet available but it is designed to show the amount of time staff spend in the residents room for each alarm.

NUMBER OF ALARMS PER TYPE – This report graphs all alarm types showing the breakup of alarm types received.

TIME TO REPONCE - How long staff took to repond to alarms.

EXCESSIVE RESPONCE TIMES - Responce times over X minutes.

TIME TAKEN AND CARE GIVEN -  How long staff were in attendance.

Many more reports can be produced.  On these pages, we have shown you just a sample of what is available.  CareTech can help you by providing customised reports tailored exactly to your needs.  Talk to us about your reporting needs.  We're here to help.

Download the LAS Brochure to read more about our Local Alarm Solution - Click on the image to the right. lasbrochure
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